Friday, March 05, 2021

The Blotter: Pistol possibly stolen at Cabela's

| February 3, 2021 7:00 AM

Jan. 25

Someone lost a wallet. A logging truck was driving around with a tree trunk that looked like it was about to fall off. A woman was looking for money that had been in her vehicle before it was seized by the Kalispell Police Department. An officer in Houston was calling to see if CFPD had any openings. Drug paraphernalia was found at a property.

Jan. 26

A resident claimed that a dog-barking complaint was part of an ongoing, three-way dispute over petty stuff. Reports of child sexual abuse. A woman was allegedly assaulted by a neighbor. Reports of suicidal intent.

Jan. 27

A woman sorting through her deceased parents’ belongings was worried something nefarious was occurring after she came across their drivers licenses with their photos cut out. Reports of parking disputes between neighboring businesses. A woman was flipped off by a juvenile walking past her house. A woman, who may have been hallucinating, claimed cops were out to get her, and members of a cult were following her. Reports of a fight between brothers, with one holding the other down to prevent him from driving drunk.

Jan. 28

Someone witnessed a car driving through ditches and taking out fence posts. A man’s ex-girlfriend took his labrador to her grandparents, saying he wasn’t allowed to come get the dog. A suspicious backpack was found on a road. Reports of a fender-bender. A woman was dissatisfied with the progress of the burglary case she’d filed against her mother. Reports of a suspiciously parked vehicle left running for over an hour.

Jan. 29

Someone wanted to report that their friend may have had their pistol stolen at Cabela’s. A woman was caught trying to switch marked down pricing labels to other items in a grocery store. Reports of a dog that aggressively chases passersby. A woman standing on an unstable chair fell and hit her head. A vehicle slid off a city street and hit a resident’s fence.

Jan. 30

A man was seen trying to gain entry to the Klothes Kloset. A woman thought she heard someone drilling into the side of her house. Complaints of excessively loud music.

Jan. 31

A resident with riverfront property claimed someone stole one of their ladders and threw it down the embankment towards the water. A man’s ex had left a 9mm gun at his house which he now wanted to dispose of. A woman stalled at a stop sign was found sleeping at the wheel. Reports of a fight in a bar. Someone left a piece of their car’s bumper at a business’s drive-through.