Monday, January 17, 2022

On the mend

by By Larry Wilson
| December 22, 2021 1:30 PM

For the first time since I was 10 years old, it has been months since I have been on the North Fork. I have been gathering material for future columns on tickets to enter Glacier Park, variances requested to the land use plan and several other interesting items for future columns as well as a story or two from the homestead days. Right now the biggest thing in my life has been Covid.

Now it seems like Covid has been running our lives forever. When it started, like most folks I stayed inside, wore a mask, got vaccinated. I also studied everything possible as a school board member to help set school policies. To keep classrooms open and ensure the safety of students and staff. We did pretty well and by last summer I thought the worst was over. I was fully vaccinated and did not know anyone on the North Fork that was infected.

It was a shock to find myself infected in early October. Still no sweat. We had been told that people who were vaccinated would only suffer a mild dose if they did get infected right? Wrong! I don’t even remember how I ended up in the hospital.

I have been told I was a lousy patient at first. All I remember is super nice nursers and that I could not function normally.

Lost 30 pounds had difficulty walking, breathing, and even going to the bathroom, and felt awful.

It wasn’t much better when they told me I could go home. I was outfitted with oxygen but could not smell, taste, or even walk easily.

Luckily my son David and a North Fork neighbor stayed with me and after David had to go to work the neighbor stayed on at the house. She bought the groceries, cooked, and encouraged me to eat and I have slowly improved.

I can now safely go out once a day if I don’t overdo physical activity. My appetite is better but my stamina is poor, but I finally made it to a school board meeting and now I am even writing a column.

My neighbor, son David and foster grandsons Ayden and Trevor will be home for rib-eye steaks on Christmas Eve so life is slowly returning to normal.

My sincere thanks to everyone who called, wrote, or brought food. I would not have made it without you all. I am not doing cards this year but I hope that everyone understands and has a terrific Christmas and a Happy New Year and happiness all year round.

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