Monday, September 20, 2021

North Fork updates

by By Larry Wilson
| August 11, 2021 8:15 AM

Smoke continues to obscure a clear view of the mountains. I am tired of seeing a red sun during the day and no stars or moon at night. Thankfully the smoke is just a gray mass—no plume or mushroom cloud. That means no wind so the fire is not making a run. Instead, it is skunking around slowly expanding but not threatening the fire breaks and shelterbelts between it and the concentration of buildings east of the fire. We are told the fire is 18% contained but the containment is along Hay Creek Road where there is little danger of structure loss or private property damage.

Heavy equipment continues to work on roads on the flanks and in the face of the fire as well as the shelterbelts along the road. Everyday that work continues strengthens the odds against a major fire run. We will keep our fingers crossed and continue to encourage rain dances.

Last week I said social events and church services were continuing interrupted. I was wrong. I am now informed the Game Night at Sondreson Hall was canceled and the annual meeting of the North Fork Preservation Association has been postponed. I do not know why. I can only assume concerns about smoke or fire caused them to act out of an abundance of caution. I do not agree. I think the Hay Creek Fire will be contained without loss of life or severe property damage. If the fire does run we will have hours and probably days to evacuate. If smoke inhalation is a concern we all need to make our own decision about going outside. Personally, I have a mild cough and a little congestion, but feel fine and continue with normal activities and checking fire reports daily.

Anyway, North Fork Landowners will hold their annual meeting this Sunday and I’ll give you the election results next week plus any new fire information.