Friday, May 14, 2021

The Blotter: Bad acid trip

| April 21, 2021 8:00 AM

April 12

A vehicle’s driver’s side window was smashed during the night and a wallet was stolen. A missing dog was found. Another person’s wallet was stolen. Reports of suicidal intent. Someone’s neighbor was outside alternately screaming and punching things in his garage.

April 13

Three huskies allegedly killed a neighborhood cat. Violent cursing was heard from an upstairs apartment. Someone complained of an RV being parked inappropriately, in actuality it was in a place the city allowed.

April 14

Someone’s gray Jetta was swiped by a white vehicle over the night, as evidenced by the color of paint left on the Volkswagen. Reports of stalking. A driver of a black pickup truck was driving back and forth in a residential area revving the engine and honking the horn for an unknown reason.

April 15

A resident’s dog jumped out of its fencedin yard to chase a woman running with her dog; no one was bitten. Someone wanted to know how to handle a cat that hid in their bushes and hissed at them every time they left the house. Reports of reckless driving. A neighbor’s house doors were left wide open. Reports of suicidal intent. A resident’s mailbox was run over.

April 16

A woman was being disorderly. Two brothers were fighting. Reports of reckless driving. A vehicle’s tire “broke off” while crossing the railroad tracks; the car was towed before a train came.

April 17

A Subaru needed towing. Someone sitting in a hot tub accidentally called 911. A group of teens were being destructive. A naked woman tripping on acid with a bruise on her face reported her boyfriend was abusing her; upon further investigation, she may have gotten the bruise by walking through a screen door.

April 18

A resident complained a neighbor’s dog kept jumping into his fenced yard to attack his dog.

A man was looking for the truck that was towed from a business parking lot after his son had stolen, wrecked and abandoned it there. A missing dog was found.