Friday, May 14, 2021

Perry likes Powers

| September 23, 2020 12:05 AM

I wish to express my full support and endorsement of Representative Debo Powers in the upcoming election for House District 3.

Debo is anything but oversimplified talking points and cheap rhetoric. She has and continues to live in a manner that reflects her values. She will be an ardent supporter of public education and has over 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator. She has always been a champion of our public lands in many forms from volunteering atop lookouts and working with conservation organizations to being endorsed by the Montana Sportsmen Alliance. She understands how important healthcare is to our communities and has committed to building on the work of previous sessions to preserve as well as increase access to this vital need. As a former legislator, I could always count on receiving correspondence

from Debo during the legislative session expressing her viewpoints on a myriad of issues. Debo’s engagement in the legislative process and professional experience are but a few of the many strengths she brings to the table. She also has the ability to thoughtfully and intelligently articulate her positions which will serve her well in committee and on the House floor as she works to pass legislation important to the people of House District 3 and Montana as a whole. I will be voting for Representative Debo Powers this fall and would encourage you to consider doing the same.


Zac Perry