The Blotter: Resident calls 911, attempting to stop constant phone scams

| November 4, 2020 1:00 AM

Oct. 26

A woman’s friend was harassing her via text messaging. Reports of a theft at a local business. A landlord wanted to know his options after tenants he evicted three months ago still had not left. A woman, possibly with dementia, reported her grandson was being held hostage and tortured. An apartment tenant reported the residents living above the tenant were stomping around and being excessively loud. Reports of an obscured license plate. Reports of a male with suicidal intentions cutting himself.

Oct. 27

A stolen camper was recovered. The owner of a vehicle wanted to report a theft after items were found missing in his car after it was towed. A concerned mother living in Texas wanted to contact her Columbia Falls daughter. Reports of a person passed out in a vehicle.

Oct. 28

A driver clipped a school bus’ stop sign with his side mirror. Someone accidentally called 911 while in a hot tub. Reports of vehicles without handicap placards parking in handicap parking spaces. Reports of children running from kids chasing them with baseball bats. A CPS worker was reported to have abused a child. Reports of a theft at a local business.

Oct. 29

Someone’s roommate damaged their trailer home. Someone called 911 for advice on what to do about constant phone scams. A stolen phone was recovered. A sex offender turned in necessary paperwork.

Oct. 30

A juvenile was not responding to phone calls, alarming her mother who had just learned the girl’s father may have been abusing her. A casino worker felt uncomfortable opening the door to tell a former patron that employees had not found the money the patron said he had left there. Someone’s aggressive ex began urinating on the floor.

Oct. 31

Reports of a stolen vehicle. A toddler was left alone sleeping in a vehicle. A gray Hyundai SUV was seen swerving all over the road. Two juvenile females got into a fight. Two women began fighting. Reports of suicidal intent. A flannel-wearing man with possible blood on his shirt flagged a driver down to say his sister had been kidnapped.

Nov. 1

A puppy in a kennel in the back of a truck had been left there overnight and into the morning. A very agitated mother was angry she wasn’t able to contact her daughter through video chats, saying she was deliberately being obstructed from talking to her in violation of a parenting plan agreement. Loud music complaint.