Endorses Glimm

| May 20, 2020 7:08 AM

Three good men are running for the Senate District 2 seat that I have had the privilege to serve for the last eight years. Rep. Carl Glimm, a conservative family man and small business owner is one of them.

While Carl’s service to Montana is term-limited in the Montana House I believe he brings a wealth of knowledge to this race. His leadership on the appropriations committee will serve the taxpayers well while trying to stabilize Montana’s balance sheet in the coming session after the COVID-19 disaster.

Carl has a voting record that can be viewed on the leg.mt.gov website under the last four sessions. Check out the votes that are near and dear to you and see if he deserves your vote. My X will be next to his name.

No matter who you choose, vote!! It’s as easy as making a few marks and putting it in an envelope.

Dee Brown

Hungry Horse