The Blotter: Rock throwers said they didn’t mean to hit girl

| July 29, 2020 5:04 AM

July 20

A vehicle was parked crossways at a local business and they wanted it towed. A girl claimed she was assaulted for improperly wearing a mask. Twenty bales on hay were in the road. They were picked up.

July 21

A woman asked police to be present when she picked up her daughter as she was worried about their father, who had violent tendencies. Kids throwing rocks hit a girl in the head. They claimed they weren’t trying to hit the girl. Parents worked it out. The girl was OK after she went to the doctor. A dog appeared to be cooking in a locked car without the windows down.

July 22

A woman said her roommate was using drugs. An angry woman was driving erratically with kids in the car. A man’s wallet was stolen and he said someone was trying to use his cards. Police responded to a suicide.

July 23

A transient was sleeping on the lawn of the Glacier Institute. A male who refused to wear a mask was escorted from the Farmer’s Market. Report of an SOS signal from a cell phone at the Red Bridge. No one was in the water that police could see.

July 24

Police served a warrant on a First Avenue home where dogs were being neglected. A pit bull bit a kid on Eighth Avenue. Shots heard on Vans Avenue — they could have been from across the river. A drunk dispute between family members on Council Bluffs drew a call to the police.

July 25

Kids were being loud and cursing on Second Avenue and two girls were fighting. Drunk driver went off the road a couple of times on the North Fork Road. Fireworks on 11th Street. A woman almost caught someone inside her shed and called police.

July 26

Report of a bike being thrown off the bank at the Red Bridge. Teenage kids were having multiple parties on Second Avenue.