The Blotter: Woman spills hot oil on herself

| July 15, 2020 7:32 AM

Monday, July 6

A couple was either banging on some storage units or shooting off fireworks along Highway 2.

An injured horse appeared to have been hit by a vehicle near Columbia Mountain Road.

A caller was wondering how to get his feral cats neutered “so they don’t multiply.”

Tuesday, July 7

A “very nice” pit bull named Daisy was found on Martha Road.

An intoxicated woman stole candy from a Ninth Street business.

Wednesday, July 8

A motorcyclist dropped a backpack on Seventh Avenue.

The caller believed her dog might have been poisoned by a neighbor.

The caller’s dog was shot by a BB gun after chasing a rabbit into the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor promised not do it again.

Thursday, July 9

A lost child was found along Nucleus Avenue.

The caller was looking for her adult son, who had been arrested the previous day.

The caller was frustrated with his neighbor, who had taken videos of the caller’s barking dog.

Two dogs were panting inside a vehicle.

Friday, July 10

A barking dog scared away suspects in an attempted break-in in Columbia Falls.

A neighboring dog attacked the caller on Second Avenue.

A woman was seen banging on her ex-boyfriend’s door for four hours.

Saturday, July 11

A woman who lost her wallet believed she drove off with it still on top of her vehicle.

The caller was suspicious of the woman trying to duct tape something inside her vehicle.

A vehicle was swerving down Rogers Road.

Sunday, July 12

A woman fell off the back of a moving motorcycle.

The caller wanted a police presence when she returned to her roommate to get her things.

A woman spilled hot oil “all over herself” at a Nucleus Avenue location.