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FWP makes changes to 2020 licenses, will use regular paper

by Hungry Horse News
| January 29, 2020 9:00 AM

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ licensing process is becoming more digitally streamlined this year. Hunters and anglers can anticipate a few changes when they buy their 2020 licenses starting March 1. Ultimately, recreationists can expect to complete most of the process from home. Mail-in applications will no longer be accepted and users will be able to apply online, print permits and licenses from home, carry licenses on mobile devices, and expect drawing results nearly a month sooner.

The most visible change FWP customers will see is a change to license paper.

Starting this year, both licenses and carcass tags will be printed on normal-sized paper, and license buyers will be able to print them at home. Hunters won’t have to wait for special permits or licenses to come in the mail from FWP, but rather will be able to print them at home or at their local license provider. The switch to standard 8.5-by-11-inch paper will provide significant savings and ultimately be easier for customers.

For years, FWP licenses and tags have been produced on weather-resistant paper. However, this paper is not only expensive, but requires printing technology so outdated that it’s almost impossible to replace, FWP notes.

This change will reinforce the ability in Montana to have your license electronically on your mobile device and not printed out in your pocket. While carcass tags still need to be printed out, other licenses, such as a fishing license, do not. If checked in the field, this electronic version of your license is perfectly legal.

FWP recommends that people carry small plastic bags with them while hunting, and place validated carcass tags in the bags before attaching them to an animal. Small plastic bags ideal for this application will be available at all license providers, but any small sandwich bag will work.

Additionally, in 2020, mail-in applications will no longer be accepted.

Hunters applying for licenses or permits will be able to do so online or at an FWP office.

With modern technology, the number of online applications continues to steadily grow. Eighty-six percent of Montana hunters now choose this method.

Customers who still look for written guidance to help them through the application process will be able to find information sheets online or at an FWP office in the coming weeks.

These information sheets will not be accepted as applications.