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FWP seeks volunteers to teach hunter ed

by Hungry Horse News
| February 6, 2020 3:35 PM

Montana’s hunting legacy depends on active, skilled and ethical hunters who pass on their traditions to new generations and Montana needs more volunteer instructors, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks says.

To that end, the agency is making a call for volunteers to teach hunting and bowhunting education. It particularly needs women instructors, FWP says.

Hunter dducation is a statutory requirement for new hunters in the state. Anyone born after Jan. 1, 1985, must pass a hunter education course in order to purchase a hunting license.

Anyone with experience in hunting or bowhunting is encouraged to apply to be an instructor.

“Archery has given me so much in my life,” said Brian Koelzer, who has been teaching Bowhunter Education in Montana for 13 years. “That’s when I really decided I wanted to help share that.”

Volunteers in the program must meet certain requirements. They must have experience in the use of firearms or archery equipment, possess a valid Montana driver’s license or ID card, pass a background investigation and criminal records check, have experience in or be comfortable with public speaking or teaching, and be eligible under state and federal law to handle and possess firearms and ammunition.

Once an application is submitted and those requirements are met, applicants will receive training on teaching, course curriculum, and program policies and procedures. Experienced instructors help mentor volunteers who are new to the program.

For more information or to apply, visit fwp.mt.gov/education/hunter/instructors or call 406-444-9948.