The Blotter: Woman finds coin, wonders when she can sell it

| August 5, 2020 9:50 AM

Monday, July 27

A driver noticed blue paint on her beige vehicle and, worried she had bumped into a car without noticing, called to see if anyone had reported a hit and run in order to make amends. A woman in pain from a recent hernia surgery threatened to shoot someone; upon investigation it was only in jest. Four underage teens appeared to be vaping.

Tuesday, July 28

A woman reported finding a valuable collectible coin, but wondered how long she had to wait to sell it and donate the money to a charity. A woman reported a confrontation between her two children but was told that, due to their age, a criminal investigation could not ensue. A barking pup was stuck in a hot car. A driver wanted to report a camper being towed that was so reflective of the sun he was worried it may blind other drivers.

Wednesday, July 29

A panhandler exhibiting nefarious behavior towards his dogs was warned he would receive an animal cruelty charge. A resident began patrolling his property with a pistol after hearing a knock at his window.

Thursday, July 30

A man pocket dialed 911 while riding his bike. Someone was getting chased by a man wielding a baseball bat. A patron who was upset at having to wear a mask in a bar punched the establishment’s door. A speeding driver hit a neighborhood street sign and kept going.

Friday, July 31

A woman’s stalking ex showed up at her workplace and began shouting. A resident had questions about registering her bicycle. A motorcycle was left unattended behind the grandstands.

Saturday, August 1

Neighborhood residents were concerned about a baby-blue Buick slowly circling their cul-de-sac, possibly scoping out items to steal. A sleepy resident complained about the noise of a band playing late at a nearby bar. Two teens were seen peering into the windows of parked vehicles. Friends got in a heated argument but ended it with hugs.

Sunday, August 2

A man in a purple face mask stole a UTV from the parking lot of a grocery store. Residents complained that neighbors doing earth work were creating dust that made it hard to breathe. A daughter of a woman in a car crash was worried her mother may have been on too many sleeping pills.