Moho brings good memories

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I sold the moho!

It sounded like a good idea at the time, but lately wife Nan and I have been reminiscing about the great times we had in that 21-foot Fleetwood Class C that we owned for 15 years.

I bought it to take to Spotted Bear, but wisely realized the road would shake it apart.

My first trip was to the Missouri River and I stopped at every gas station between Columbia Falls and Craig.

A faulty oxygen sensor was responsible for getting a whopping 3 miles per gallon!

Kyle and Melissa met me in Seeley Lake and we headed to Rock Creek where the drive train fell off and we tied it back on with barbed wire from a rancher’s fence. My initiation into RVing!

A highlight was camping at the Red Ants Pants festival at White Sulfur Springs. Others include fighting a raccoon in my underwear on the Oregon Coast, the solar eclipse in Idaho, and fall trips to Fernie, B.C.

The most scared I’ve ever been in my life was trying to drive down a steep one-lane switchback, dropping to the Smith River. I literally froze, then got out and walked, leaving the road blocked!

Last fall we camped with grandson Beau in Glacier National Park.

Final trip was to the Bull Thing in Eureka.

The moho never went anywhere without a bag of Nutter Butter cookies in the cabinet.

All good, but interspersed with many hours of maintenance, trapping mice, and recharging batteries.

One prospective buyer asked if it leaked.

“Of course it does,” I answered. “It’s 30 years old!”

We do miss seeing it parked near the garage.

Jerry Smalley’s Fishful Thinking column appears weekly in the Hungry Horse News.

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