Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Blotter: Man accidentally shoots himself?

| January 11, 2023 12:30 PM

Jan. 3

Police assisted in a civil standoff with a man trying to get his clothes from his wife. Report of a revolver falling off a vehicle’s console and firing while the car was in the driveway, resulting in a person shot in the ribs. The father of the victim applied pressure on the wound while medical units arrived.

Jan. 4

An employee at Town Pump reported a man rambling and wandering the gas station with a gas canister, the man claimed he ran out of gas and forgot his drivers license. Report of a known felon on the run out of Missoula and known to carry weapons was seen leaving Murdoch’s on Highway 2; employee claims he stole a Dewalt battery. A manager at a store on Highway 2 reported a creepy man staring at customers as they parked and talking nonsense, wanting the person removed.

Jan. 5

No report.

Jan. 6

A male was seen throwing a trash can and attempting to break into the high school by breaking a window with it; police deployed a taser and the man was apprehended and jailed for assault with a weapon and burglary.

Jan. 7

A male on 13th Street was cited for sale of alcohol to a minor. A dog at large was victim to hit and run by an oncoming vehicle, owner claimed the injured animal while still breathing.

Jan. 8

A fight broke out involving over eight people, possibly teenagers, in a store on Highway 2; reports say the fight involved a strangling, someone throwing a mop and a lot of screaming and curses.

Jan. 9

A woman was involved in a scam for over $1,000 for an online puppy. A female was involved in a hit and run in her Toyota Prius while picking up a pizza.

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