Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Blotter: A lawnmower was reported stolen out of a garage on 7th Avenue.

| September 21, 2022 12:35 PM

Sept. 12

A man came to the wrong house asking to take a female to church, the woman told her husband and a confrontation ensued, the man had been given the wrong address. Report of a burglary of the house of a man who passed away in a car crash a few weeks earlier. A man was sprayed with bear spray on 7th Street.

Sept. 13

No Report.

Sept. 14

Report of a bike being stolen from outside a store on 9th Street, security footage showed the bike was not stolen, but that a store-goer had hidden the bike to try and teach the owner a lesson about locking his bike up. Two minors were detained after throwing objects on Highway 2 and were later released to their parents.

Sept. 15

A lawnmower was reported stolen out of a garage on 7th Avenue. Several arrests were made following a domestic dispute on 3rd Avenue including one suspect who resisted arrest. Report of a train hitting a semi-truck on Frontage Road, no reports of injuries.

Sept. 16

Report of minors on BMX bikes looking through parked vehicles in an apartment parking lot on Bills Lane. Four to five cows seen wandering along Highway 2 near the Blue Moon, cowboys had to wrangle the cows back to pasture.

Sept. 17

Report of a black bear with white markings on its chest seen near a house on Bills Lane; the bear has thwarted attempts by police to leave the area and is also has been seen by several neighbors going through trash.

Sept. 18

Report of someone finding an injured dog with stitches on its neck wandering around 3rd Avenue. A car was seen traveling over 100 mph eastbound on Highway 2 through Coram and was swerving over a double yellow line.

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