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Opposes hotel

| September 7, 2022 6:35 AM

As an adjacent property owner, I oppose to the new Ruis Hotel on Highway 2 East. Here are some reasons:

• This lot is not large enough for a 65 unit, four-story hotel

• I oppose the 50-foot height.

• Highway buffer reduced from 10 feet to zero.

• Deviation from 15% landscape area to very minimal – almost nothing.

• Deviation from minimal parking area (see details in preliminary site plan) – meaning hotel patrons or employees will be parking at Marantette Park parking area.

• Deviation from 2nd Ave E buffer – from 10 feet to zero

• No bicycle path.

• Minimal community area – the plan is to utilize the Marantette Park for hotel patrons use.

• Does our fire department have the ability to reach the top floor of a 4 story hotel or will we need to purchase a bigger ladder truck?

• Currently traffic from Glacier Inn primarily uses 2nd Avenue. The new hotel will primarily be funneling traffic onto the highway through its own entrance/exit. Traffic is already an issue with Grove St/3rd Ave not aligning – now you would be adding one more entrance/exit along with 2nd Ave and Iron Fitness, which is a huge safety issue.

Mick Ruis continues to request numerous variance and zoning changes to construct what he wants for the City of Columbia Falls. What is the purpose of having a Growth Policy with guidelines if the Planning and Zoning Board and the City Council continue to approve whatever Mick Ruis requests. What about the citizens of Columbia Falls?

Judydel Perry

Columbia Falls

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