Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Support for write-in Jack Fallon

| October 19, 2022 7:15 AM

Are you tired of the Flathead County Commissioners treating Columbia Falls like a dumping ground for projects—like the jail—nobody else wants? Repeatedly attempting to thwart the will of the voters? Treating the county health department and library like their personal enemies, instead of public services?

Refusing to fully fund the sheriff’s department but happily spending your tax dollars to defend the county against endless lawsuits brought on by their own actions? So are lots of other people—Pam Holmquist won her primary against Republican challenger Jack Fallon by just 40 votes.

It’s time to show the commissioners what we think about them disrespecting our town and wasting our money.

Write in “Jack Fallon” for county commissioner, and fill in the bubble next to his name. (Spelling counts!) Jack’s priorities are law enforcement funding, infrastructure improvement, and responsible government that will stop the lawsuits. Ballots are here—make your voice heard.

Alice Biel

Columbia Falls

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