Thursday, December 08, 2022

The blotter: Several vacuums were reported stolen from a car wash on 9th Street.

| November 9, 2022 12:25 PM

Oct. 26

A victim reported an attempted mugging by a man with dreadlocks on 7th Avenue, but was able to get away. A male was taken into custody after shoplifting at Super One.

Oct. 27

Several vacuums were reported stolen from a car wash on 9th Street. A woman called police after her boyfriend drove away having consumed enough alcohol to raise suspicions.

Nov. 1

An apartment tenant called police, believing his apartment was discriminating against him for leaving a locked door open near his apartment.

Nov. 2

A man using an oxygen tank due to a condition called the police because a tree landed on his house and was blocking the entrance way.

Nov. 3

A man called police concerned about threats of damage by his female roommate, a reported meth addict, and asked about how to protect his property.

Nov. 4

A hunter found a dog while hunting that was taken to Flathead County Animal Shelter and later returned to its owner. Report of a hit and run on 4th Avenue and 9th Street involving a plow that was hit by an oncoming truck that sped off. Report of a physical altercation outside the Blue Moon.

Nov. 5

Police responded to a call about a Columbia Falls man who had mistakenly shot himself in the hand on 7th Avenue.

Nov. 6

A gym owner and his wife were confronted by a man who was upset they were closed and just wanted to work out. Feeling unsafe, the couple asked for more patrol in the area. Employees at a store on Nucleus complained someone had gone through their cars, but nothing was reported missing.

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