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Support for Repke

| November 3, 2022 7:55 AM

The choice is clear. Regardless of your flavor, Republican, Democrat, or independent, there is one candidate in District 5 qualified to perform the duties and obligations of the Public Service Commission intelligently, diligently, and judiciously, and thereby represent the best interests of all Montanans, and that candidate is John Repke.

The PSC is an essential agency, and as its name suggests, the Commissioners role is to serve the best interests of the public. If you are interested in learning more about the PSC and its current and turbulent status, listen to the recent series of podcasts by former Kalispell Mayor, Tammy Fisher, wherein she reveals a self-serving, corrupt, and chaotic commission that struggles to regulate themselves, let alone a massive public utility. (Montana Values Podcast: Episodes 8 and 43).

The role of a PSC commissioner is challenging, and to serve effectively in that role, requires a unique set of skills and experience. John Repke is an outstanding candidate for the PSC, and uniquely qualified to serve the people of Montana in this vital role. John has decades of experience as chief financial officer (CFO), for several large and complex companies. John is intelligent, fiscally savvy, analytical, reasonable, creative, practical, fair, and honest. John is a good listener and a great communicator, and I know from experience, John will put you, the rate payer first when conducting the business of the Public Service Commission.

Conversely, John’s opponent, Ann Bukacek, has ZERO experience to qualify for this commission. Bukacek’s record of public service speaks for itself. Bukacek is proudly and publicly divisive, confrontational, and polarizing. The last thing the already tumultuous PSC needs is the corrosive influence of her irrational and conspiratorial behavior.

Montanans will not find a better candidate for the PSC than John Repke.

Casey Malmquist


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