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Child a sign from Grandma

| November 3, 2022 7:05 AM

On April 30th, The Flathead Valley lost a valued and special member of our community.

Kimberly Hebert died tragically and was taken too early from her family and loved ones. Kimberly had been a part of our community for over 30 years and had dedicated much of that to helping others and donating her time to local causes.

Over her 30-plus years, she has taught many of our children how to ski when teaching lessons on the Whitefish Ski hill back (when it was known as “Big Mountain”).

She also volunteered to coach the youth soccer teams when coaches were needed. Kimberly was a big supporter of the arts and gave time to the Whitefish O’Shaughnessy center.

Beyond that she volunteered her time with many other vital organizations within our community such as the Deer Park School Board, Hungry Horse Water Board, Veteran Memorial Services, and assisted with childcare at her local church.

You could even sight Kimberly picking up garbage on her adopted highway section or driving her well known “Bug” with her Keller Williams magnet on the side. She was determined to shine bright in our community and help keep it the wholesome and kind place that it has always been. She has watched decades of our youth go through the Columbia Falls school program and dedicated much of her time there as well.

She loved this valley so much and tried to always find new ways to do her part.

When Kimberly departed, she left a hole not only in her loved one’s hearts, but in the community as well. She raised her kids in our town, earned her living here, and created her memories here. She left behind her son Casey Hebert, grandson Cormac, and me, her daughter Kassandra who was also expecting her granddaughter at the time.

Since her departure many people have reached out to me saying that get small “signs” that Kimberly is still around them and the valley. I found myself asking why she had not received any of these signs.

I found myself begging my mother to give me a sign that she was still with me. I began to become discouraged that others had felt her presence, but I had not. I worried that she really was gone, and that I would feel this loneliness for the rest of my life. Where was my guardian angel?

A few months passed and her sadness progressed, but on the night of Aug. 24, I received the biggest sign of all.

Those who knew Kimberly, know that she had a way of willing the things she wanted into existence. It was like, if she put her mind to something, somehow she would make it happen, against all odds.

Well I couldn’t help to feel that when my water broke two weeks earlier than my due date that my mom had something to do with it.

I remember looking up, my eyes filled with tears, and saying “My daughter is going to be born on my Mother’s birthday.

That is exactly what happened!

Millicent Carin Buckley was born on Aug. 25th and will forever share a birthday with her Grandma, Kimberly Carin Hebert.

To me it was her saying, even though I am not around anymore, I will always be apart of my grandkid’s lives.

The valley truly had a special soul in the community. Kimberly’s family hopes that our community will strive to keep Kimberly’s “brightness” alive. Her family encourages community members to visit the memorial bench that will be installed at Rivers Edge Park before the new year. The bench was made possible by many of you in the community who donated to the fund.

Kassandra Buckley (Hebert)


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