Monday, December 05, 2022

Think about vote

| May 25, 2022 6:00 AM

Having been born to a World War II infantryman Father, and an Army nurse Mother, my life has always been one of fairly strict discipline. One of the sayings from my Colonel Father was... “If everyone in the room is in agreement, then no one is thinking!”, courtesy of General George Patton. With this in mind, there are lots of bragging going on in the local elections that has me wondering. Many of us elect locals to Helena, and ask very little.

What has occurred as of late is what has me wondering. Not once did either of our elected officials, House or Senate, who went to Helena ever contact me to discuss anything that might impact the taxpayers and retired folks, like me. Both of these gentleman were introduced via Dee Brown to me at a special city meeting.

What did occur was voting without much thought from the ever controlling Alt Right that controls local politics and their own agendas. My mother raised me to never be a lemming, and as a free thinker. I tend to be an Eisenhower/Reagan Republican which puts me immediately in the “Rino” category.

This control is dangerous in that if you do not follow party rule, you become an outcast. So be it. My suspicions as to what has occurred to my life long party is for another day. I am not voting for any incumbent who will not contact me about legislation in Helena that impacts Columbia Falls. I ask you to think before voting in this primary, and then general election.

Respectfully committed.

Michael Shepard

Columbia Falls

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