Saturday, June 25, 2022

Remembering Walter

by By Larry Wilson
| May 18, 2022 6:20 AM

When a North Forker passes over the Great Divide, it is common practice for the community to hold a Celebration of Life the following summer. Obviously, this is so the entire community can participate – summer residents as well as year-round residents. Usually, these celebrations take place in June, July and August, but we seem to have more than usual this year. Anyway, the Celebration of Life for Walter Roberts was held last Sunday at the Community Hall.

Walter’s friend Randi Rognlie was the official host and head chef, but her nearly grown son and daughter carried the program. With the 18-year -old daughter acting as Master of Ceremonies and sharing her 10 years of experience with Walter and several cello solos by her son, it was a moving celebration.

Adding to the program was the attendance of three of Walter’s close friends from various places around the country. A lifelong friend from his boyhood, a college classmate, and a current colleague, along with Montana friends made it a really special event.

Walter was a special mix. He was a true, and serious, classical scholar. He was a college professor as well as a lifelong student, of his academic interests as well as of people. He had a real compassion for his students and of young people in general. He was a teacher who taught and also listened.

Even an old redneck like myself took one of his small group classes. We met in the gazebo at Square Peg Ranch and yes, we read some of the writings of Plato. Best part was the discussion afterwards when we compared Plato’s observations with society today. Obviously we don’t learn everything we could from history – and are thus doomed to repeat it.

Walter was a special person, the kind we do not often meet on the North Fork. He lived a varied and interesting life and he will be missed. More importantly, a little bit of his wisdom and compassion will live on in those who knew him.

On a lighter note, summer may not be here but it is on the way. The River is starting to turn from clear to green and will soon be muddy with spring runoff. I have already seen three grizzly bears. Two of them, a mother with a last year’s cub, were just out in a field grazing like a couple of deer. In fact, there were six deer grazing only 50 or so yards from the bears.

The Road north of Ford Ranger Station is really rough with deep potholes and the side roads are even worse.

Worst of all, I met 76 vehicles headed north as I came to town. We could use a few more good dogs, but I am not sure we need more people.

What do you think?

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