Monday, December 05, 2022

Jackson picks Republicans

| May 11, 2022 7:50 AM

I only endorse candidates who have a proven background as Republicans. For the statewide elections:  I endorse Al Olszewski for Congress and Derek Skees for Montana Public Service Commission. They have served in the Montana legislature and have conservative records. For the State Senate, John Fuller (SD 4) and Mark Noland (SD 7). For the State House, Braxton Mitchell (HD 3), Matt Regier (HD 4) and Bob Keenan (HD 10) are experienced conservative legislators. Ronalee Skees (HD 11) is chair of the Republican Party and has developed expertise working with legislators. Lyn Bennett (HD 5) is chair of Pachyderm, a conservative Republican Organization. Dave Ingram (HD 7) serves on a county committee. Terry Falk (HD 8) and Constance Neumann (HD 9) are conservative. For Clerk and recorder, I support incumbent Debbie Pierson.

 For the county commissioner race I support Pam Holmquist. She has a remarkable record of accomplishments.

She ran a business in Evergreen for 40 years and was a former treasurer for the Republican party. I have served on county committees and witnessed the personal relationship she has with county staff.

Also, she contacted me when I was a State Representative in Helena to help her strengthen property rights. She looked far ahead to get funding for the by-pass before traffic on Main Street became a disaster.

Verdell Jackson,


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