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The Blotter: Woman skips out on bar tab

| June 15, 2022 12:10 PM

June 6

Police responded to a 9-year-old female throwing a fierce temper tantrum on Third Street, report of the child causing bodily harm. Report of a tenant receiving an offensive letter of eviction from landlord, tenant felt in danger, but no physical threats were made.

June 7

A suspicious male was seen riding a mountain bike around a store on 9th Street, he refused to talk to employees when confronted. After renting e bikes in Coram, a family was followed by a lady in a white Toyoya Tacoma; when returning home the female demanded they return the bikes immediately, but it was late at night and they requested an officer meet them at the bike rental place.

June 8

Report of an iPhone 12 being stolen on Crescent Drive, authorities were able to locate the phone using built in location services. Report of a Lexus attempting to run over a man on Meadow Lake Boulevard.

June 9

Report of a disagreement between a mother and son escalating to threats of violence on a house she cosigned on, the son wants to sell for financial reasons but the mother won’t cooperate. Report from a 17-year-old male that he was chased by three kids in black ski masks on 3rd Street.

June 10

Report of a DUI, a female entered a bar already intoxicated, ordered a drink and left without paying and began driving when the bartender reported the situation to authorities. Noise complaint from a band playing on Nucleus, they closed the doors and it helped quiet the situation.

June 11

Report of two cars engaging in a verbal exchange with passengers reportedly hanging out the side and screaming at each other, both vehicles had Canadian license plates.

June 12

Report of a loud explosion early in the morning on 9th Street, reporting party believed it was a transformer and that the power was out, including nearby traffic lights. Report of numerous false alarms at a bank. Report of several minors on the roof of the high school, reportedly ‘slurring words’.

June 13

Report of a big husky being chained outside without food or water on 4th Street, police checked the area and found the dog had ample enough to eat and drink.

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