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Trendy or trashy?

| June 8, 2022 12:20 PM

This is to address the rampant weeds in my neighborhood. I called the police department and was rather snottily told that they are “incredibly” short staffed and since public safety comes first, weeds are a very low priority.

I get the short staffed, I really do, but isn’t there any other department in the city that could handle this?

I have three neighbors with weeds knee high in their yards. I spray and spray, but weed spray is expensive.

Columbia Falls is touted as trendy, but in my neck of the city, trashy is a more accurate description.

It is frustrating, not only to myself, but others in our area also making complaints with NOTHING being done. Some of us take pride in ownership, while others do not.

I sincerely wish that another department would follow up on these complaints as the police department obviously doesn’t have the staff or time to do so.

Patti Neal

Columbia Falls

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