Thursday, June 01, 2023

The Blotter: Car nearly hits motorcyclist

| June 8, 2022 12:30 PM

May 31

A man reported being assaulted by a baseball bat, was pressing charges against the suspect and refused medical help. Report of a camper with Idaho plates living on someone’s property without permission.

June 1

Report of an assault, alleged assailant hit the reporting party in the face over false rumors, the attacker fled when he saw the police. A business on Nucleus Avenue was playing music too loud — an ongoing issue.

June 2

Report of a Toyota Camry crossing double lines and nearly hitting a passing motorcyclist. Report of a person living in a camper at Hansons Hardware, blocking customers using back pumps at Mike’s Conoco; reporting party wants to file a claim for trespassing. Report of neighbors leaving 4x4 wheel marks on church property on Talbott Road. Several kids on Wildcat Drive reported to be walking around with a loud speaker playing obscene music in bright orange coats.

June 3

Report of an employee buying personal items on a business’ credit card, claiming it was stolen. A driver was found asleep in a parked vehicle with empty beer cans visibly spread throughout the car, driver’s keys were confiscated by police and was told to sober up before retrieving them.

June 4

Report of a stolen white Hyundai Accent’s license plate. A party called to report juveniles setting off fireworks on 6th Street, feared they might scare her dog.

June 5

A mother called police when an older man threatened to smack her son at a supermarket in Columbia Falls, she believed the man was from Coram. Report of a DUI on 7th Street, the officer on site reported that the three people in the car were driving under the influence of alcohol and possibly meth. A party called to report she thought the neighbors were shooting her cat with paintballs.

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