Monday, January 17, 2022

The Blotter: Woman runs driver off the road, then ends up in ditch herself

| January 12, 2022 7:10 AM

Dec. 26

A woman was found asleep at the gas pumps, but wasn’t drunk and didn’t have a medical condition. She was advised to sleep elsewhere. Report of a truck and trailer stolen from a business. It was recovered and the perp was charged.

Dec. 27

A woman was concerned about dogs being left in a doghouse overnight. Report of skis that were left in a city park being taken. A thief at a local casino took off running across nearby fields.

Dec. 28

Report of homeowner sending “rude” texts to a tenant. A semi broke down in front of a store. Cars were parked on street, blocking snow removal.

Dec. 29

A business reported a side-by-side was damaged by a renter and he wanted a police report. Police noted it was a civil issue. Report of a package stolen off a porch on Martha Road. Report of a person who taped a dog’s mouth shut because it ate their phone. Teens throwing snowballs on 12th Avenue.

Dec. 30

Report of a car stuck at a railroad crossing in Coram, but it wasn’t blocking tracks.

Dec. 31

Vehicle reported stuck on railroad tracks in Columbia Falls. BNSF was notified. Report of jack-knifed tractor trailer truck.

Jan. 1

Report of people fighting at a residence. Report of stolen license plate in Hungry Horse.

Jan. 2

No reports.

Jan. 3

Slide off in Martin City. Party reported that a woman almost ran her off into the ditch in Coram. When she came back, the woman who almost ran her off was now in the ditch herself, and a man was trying to help pull her out.

Jan. 4

Report of a dog bite, victim sought medical attention. A parked vehicle in Hungry Horse blocked the snowplow. A person claimed someone stole the deed to their house.

Jan. 5

Someone called about a neglected horse outside covered in snowballs. Report of a person in Polebridge being hit by snowplow debris and was experiencing chest pains. The reporting party believed the act was done on purpose.

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