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Yesterdays: Con steals the Sheriff's coat in jail escape

| January 5, 2022 6:00 AM

70 years ago

Jan. 4, 1952

North Forker Len Washburn broke his jaw while trying to get his rig out of the ditch with a come-along. The device let loose and hit him in the face. The story said his dentures were helping keeping the re-set bone in place, but it was painful.

60 years ago

Jan. 5, 1962

The Anaconda Aluminum Co. was considering adding two more 1,100-foot long potlines to its plant. Scuba divers brought up a boat that was sunk in 50 feet of water in Lake McDonald near Sprague Creek. The boat had been stripped and loaded with rocks and purposefully sunk.

50 years ago

Jan. 7, 1972

Snowmobilers were asked to limit their vehicles on the north side of Lion Lake to not damage young larch. The area had been clearcut in 1964 and the young larch, seeded the winter after by airplane, were about 2 to 6 feet tall and fragile.

40 years ago

Jan. 7, 1982

A man escaped from the Hill County Jail and was later nabbed in Whitefish after he was spotted in the Burlington Northern Railyard by police. Adding insult to injury, Kenneth R. Butler stole the Sheriff’s coat and hat as he left the jail — it was 27 below out and he needed a warm coat as he hitched a ride out of town on a freight train.

30 years ago

Jan. 2, 1992

Three mountain lions had been sighted in the North Fork in the past week, but wildlife biologists said that really wasn’t a surprise, as the big cats were at their highest population in 20 years.

20 years ago

Jan. 3. 2002

Things weren’t looking good for the Columbia Falls Aluminum Co. The plant had shut down but had an option to buy enough power later in the year, but the price hadn’t been determined. In retrospect, it marked the beginning of the end of the plant.

10 years ago

Jan. 4, 2012

The state Department of Revenue was looking to revoke the Blue Moon Nite Club’s liquor license after a man allegedly left the bar drunk and killed someone in an accident. The state claimed the bar was partially responsible. The club never lost its license, however.

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