Friday, May 20, 2022

How do we get answers?

| February 9, 2022 7:15 AM

The group was vocal for a very short time when a man yielded his time to another. The vice chai spoke over him saying yields would not be allowed. Madame chair allowed it this one time. Roberts Rules need to be followed.

It upset me that Chris made it political. Labeling us as Republicans because we have questions and haven’t gotten answers. I’m sure Democrats have questions, too.

The objectives were to get answers on classes K-12. However every question received to answer.

I’m glad Chris brought up the vocal group didn’t have children attending school. He didn’t mention not one board member had children attending either.

Chris and a few of the vocal group sat in on a Homebase class. Each person had to give advance notice. All classes had substitute teachers or the principal taught. With cameras in the room, why not show us videos?

I didn’t get the teachers were not qualified. Many of the questions were about counselors and Logan Health. With the shortage of nurses at the hospital how can they possibly put a professional in each school to test or children’s mental health. Again we can ask questions but get no answers.

I would like to know if the school library books are being censored like the Columbia Falls Public Library is.

How do we get answers?

Velma Gee Weaver

Columbia Falls

(Ed. note: At least three board members have children attending school.)