Saturday, October 01, 2022

Not going away

| August 31, 2022 6:55 AM

What a difference a day makes! Thanks to the Hungry Horse News for publishing my letter to the editor Aug. 24th. But by Wednesday we knew that James Barnett, the developer of the River Highlands subdivision, had withdrawn his application and the City Council had removed the three items (rezone, PUD and subdivision application) from their agenda for Aug. 29th.

This was good news for our neighborhood, citizens of Columbia Falls, and our natural world.

My sentiments are the same, however. With much appreciation to the citizens of Columbia Falls and surrounding neighborhoods, the planning board, city staff, and, yes, Mr. Barnett, for working through the process which allows for public participation, guaranteed by our Montana Constitution. It’s sometimes not a “pretty” process but, when we all pay attention and get involved, it works.

The Upper Flathead Neighborhood Association will continue to promote the protection of natural resources, water quality, bird and wildlife habitat and rural landscapes, and maintain the quality of life and economic vitality in the Flathead Valley through citizen participation, education and land use planning for sensible growth.

We are not going away.

Shirley Folkwein, Board President

Upper Flathead Neighborhood Association

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