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Mitchell wants special session

| August 10, 2022 7:00 AM

Every time an elected official talks about cutting taxes or protecting the taxpayer, most people just gloss over because they have spent a lifetime hearing that exhausted punchline. However, for the first time in the lives of many of us, we have the chance to give taxpayers their money back. That is why I am joining some of my colleagues and asking Gov. Greg Gianforte to call a special session to refund nearly $2 billion in over collected taxes. Specifically, this money needs to go to those who have paid taxes. It is not a stimulus or printing money like we see Biden and the Democrats doing at the federal level — it’s a true returning of funds.

This $1.8 billion represents the reason why so many in our state, and in our country, call taxation theft. I am sure professional politicians and Helena insiders could think of 1.8 billion reasons to spend this money elsewhere but, the fact is, it is yours. It also can help force the hand of the legislature to finally rewrite our tax system we currently have in place which is hurting our citizens and businesses. Things worth doing are hard, and voters expect us to serve them, so I’m calling on my fellow legislators to support a special session.

No longer can politicians make up excuses or lack the courage to take uncomfortable votes to do the right thing. $1.8 billion is nothing to bat an eye at and voters need to hold us accountable in this next legislative session.

I ask my fellow Montanans to call Gov.Gianforte‘s office and ask him to call a special session to return YOUR money. He can be reached at 855-318-1330 today.

Braxton Mitchell

House District 3

Columbia Falls

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