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Likes Mumby and Cheff

| April 20, 2022 7:30 AM

One of the greatest assets the community of Columbia Falls has to offer is its public schools. We are community members who support our public schools because we are ensured that generations of educated citizens will be next in line to care for our town and its people.

Justin Cheff and Heather Mumby (incumbent) are proponents of public education and proponents of putting the needs of ALL students first. Everytime there is a school board election I reach out to community members for guidance on which candidates are going to support students, staff, and teachers.

During this election the answer is clear.

Cheff’s platform for his election is based on putting students first. He understands the importance of a school’s role in the personal well-being of ALL students.

He is a proponent for strong technical and career programs and a challenging AP curriculum, as well as extracurricular activities that allow students to develop well rounded skills.

Cheff proposes doing this by hiring qualified individuals and then supporting those qualified staff, teachers, and administrators that have been hired to do their job.

Cheff also understands the importance of keeping up with technology in 21st century learning which cannot be overlooked as we prepare our students for 21st century jobs.

Incumbent, Heather Mumby, has served our community well in her last term on the Columbia Falls school board.

She has and will continue to emphasize the importance of student mental health and meeting the educational, emotional, and social needs of ALL students in our schools.

She understands that in order to do this the district must hire qualified staff that are capable of recognizing the individual learning needs of students. Mumby is also aware that single-issue candidates with personal agendas distract from the broad goals that affect a large school district. I appreciate that her common sense approach to serving on a school board is based on putting the needs of the student body first.

When public schools are at the center of a community and valued by the community; communities prosper. Cheff and Mumby will be board members who will keep the best interest of our students in mind when voting on important decisions that affect our community.

Allison Mitchell and Justin Smith Columbia Falls

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