Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Yesterdays: Roaring wind blows part of roof off Many Glacier Hotel

| October 20, 2021 7:00 AM

70 years ago

Oct. 19, 1951

A federal government payment in lieu of taxes was expected to drop school taxes in Columbia Falls by up to 20%. The payment was for the Hungry Horse Dam. Harry Holcomb up Trail Creek in the North Fork shot a bear that came into his living room. The screen door was unlatched and the bear was eating drying prunes on Holcomb’s porch. It then went into the house, where Holcomb shot it five times.

60 years ago

Oct. 20, 1961

Donald Thompson, 6, of Martin City was severely burned when he was playing with gasoline with his brother at their home near the embers of an outdoor fire. The boy had burns over 50% of his body. He was expected to live.

50 years ago

Oct. 22, 1971

The Columbia Falls City council approved bids for the bowling and kitchen equipment of the former Anaconda Aluminum Co. clubhouse, which is now city hall. The bowling alley went to a Salt Lake City man for about $7,800 and the kitchen equipment sold to the Mountain Shadows Motel for $326. The council also approved letting the county use the auditorium for a public library, which it is used for today.

40 years ago

Oct. 22, 1981

The upper half on an ice ax believed to be gear from five climbers who died in an avalanche of Mount Cleveland in 1969 was found in Camp Creek on the mountain by Cheryl Conrod, who was the wife of a Glacier Park employee. The two were camped at the creek. The broken section of the ice ax fit the lower half of that had been recovered in 1969 at the time of the accident.

30 years ago

Oct. 24, 1991

A roaring wind blasted the Many Glacier Hotel tearing off portions of the roof and damaging other buildings. A 40-by-20-foot section of roof tore off the building and then hit another portion of the building, damaging it.

20 years ago

Oct. 18, 2001

Wholesale power prices had plummeted and as a result, the Columbia Falls Aluminum Co. plant was considering restarting production. The Moose Fire that tore through the North Fork was now cool enough so that roads in the fire area could reopen.

10 years ago

Oct. 26, 2011

Columbia Falls Boy Scout Alex Negron made a new sign for the Schafer Ranger Station in the Great Bear Wilderness. The new sign replaced the old sign which was more than 35 years old.