Tuesday, December 07, 2021

The Blotter: Female ate three bowls of soup, refused to pay.

| November 24, 2021 6:55 AM

r was hit by a vehicle on 9th St. A black and gray purse was reported stolen. A woman was seen dancing in a field and talking to herself while smoking a cigarette, reported to be walking back to a family gathering. A construction fence on Nucleus was blown onto the road. Dispute between landlord and tenant. Structural fire broke out on 15th St, no other building affected. Person reported missing, possible suicide.

Nov. 16

A wife called to report her husband’s tools were stolen from his truck. A light bar and radio were stolen from a person’s jeep. Landlord attempted to remove the tenant without proper eviction. A female minor reported missing might be hiding at the school gym. A blind hotel owner reported someone trespassing on the property, the hotel is closed for the season.

Nov. 17

Someone’s car engine was full of sand, and the reporting party assumed criminal misconduct. Child was left at school, and had to walk home. A barefoot female was seen walking around, the reporting party claimed it was too cold to be without shoes. Report of a missing female minor. Report of a truck engine compartment completely engulfed in flames.

Nov. 18

Two pieces of construction equipment reported stolen on Mitchell Way. Reports of more tools stolen on Grace Rd, approximately $600 worth. Someone found drug paraphernalia at the Town Pump. Report of suspicious activity at the party’s grandmother’s house, a male and female were seen walking around the property on camera, no one in custody. A parent received “attitude” when picking up their daughter from her boyfriend’s house.

Nov. 19

Disorderly conduct of a man yelling behind the Glacier Inn, reports that this happens frequently. A man with mental issues was seen playing with his dog. A verbal dispute broke out at Smith’s Grocery between the assistant manager and a bald male in a black hoodie, reported to be trespassing. Someone claimed they purchased fake gold, and left a note requesting his money back. Dog at large, seen running south on 12th Ave. Report of a father throwing a scissors at their child, claimed to have scab under his eye. Report of dead deer on Hilltop Rd. Attempted suicide at a bar on Highway 2. Report of a suspicious vehicle with apparent drugs onboard.

Nov. 20

A male with a black dog and blood on his face wearing a Hawaiian shirt was seen running down Railroad St, attempting to flee a vehicle collision. Report of a party being threatened at gunpoint on Highway 2. Female ate three bowls of soup, refused to pay. Report of a suspicious male in a trenchcoat attempting to break into several vehicles on Martha Rd. Report of aggressive driver intentionally hitting someone’s mirror after a verbal dispute. Reports of verbal threats to assault a female made over Facebook Messenger. A male with low blood sugar collapsed on a bathroom floor on Diane Rd. Deer removed from the road on 9th St. Another injured deer reported on train tracks near 2nd Ave.

Nov. 21

Report of a dog purchased online was actually a scam. A mother claimed her children were being followed by a police vehicle, and offered to invite the officer inside. Threats of a suicide. Reports that an ex-boyfriend may try to break in, was first kicked out of the house after allegedly cheating.