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Opposes Chisholm

| November 17, 2021 6:20 AM

When someone is getting married in the near future the family sends out “Keep the date” notice. On this same theme I want people to remember somehow, someway the name of the school board member, Dean Chisholm. The reason I’m sending out this advance notice is that when it comes time to vote him in again, do not vote him in.

Mr. Chisholm is arrogant and disrespectful to the people of this community and to other school board members who question the curriculum being taught.

I have been to three school board meetings now, August, September and this last one in November. We have concerns regarding the program they are teaching at the 7th grade level called “Social Emotional Learning.” It might be a perfectly legitimate program but in today’s atmosphere of schools teaching Critical Race Theory we have questions.

Mr. Chisholm seems to always bring up an obstacle as to why we can not question the board regarding this subject. He is not good for the Columbia Falls school district. He needs to be voted out thus the “Remember the Name” announcement.

Judy Territo

Columbia Falls

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