Tuesday, December 07, 2021

The Blotter: Harley stolen, recovered

| November 10, 2021 7:10 AM

Nov. 2

Report of a Harley Davidson motorcycle stolen on Fourth Avenue. A woman called to say she was concerned about a stepmother being cruel to her grandson.

Nov. 3

Report of boxer dogs barking all day long on Third Avenue.

Nov. 4

The stolen motorcycle was recovered. A woman claimed her mail was being re-routed to Pennsylvania. She was referred to the Post Office. Police helped a woman who fell in her house.

Nov. 5

People shooting bb guns in a backyard were told it’s illegal in the city limits. A woman was concerned that a 6-year-old was in a bar late on a Friday night with its mother. But mom wasn’t drinking.

Nov. 6

Report of door being jimmied at a store. A person who was assaulted called police. T-bone wreck on Highway 2 between a pickup and a Chevy Saturn. At least one person went to hospital.

Nov. 7

A person complained about construction noise. Someone complained that a dog was locked in a car for hours on Diane Road.

Nov. 8

Report of tools stolen out of pickup truck. A 5-year-old said his grandfather kicked him in the face. Car owners were trying out a new stereo in their rig. Someone called the police on them because of the noise.