Friday, June 25, 2021

North Fork Welcome brochure

| May 19, 2021 12:00 PM

Every landowner was sent the Landowner Association spring newsletter, even non-members. The purpose, of course, is to encourage membership. Dues for active members (landowners) are $15 per year. Associate (non-landowners) dues are $10 per year. Several events at the Sondreson Hall are open to everyone at no charge and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Dues and donations are used to maintain the building, cover operational costs like propane, paper goods etc., mailing for newsletters and other educational/information material and a small amount for historical material like old photos, etc.

This spring’s welcome brochure and wildlife info cost $1,000, just as an example. Dues and donations along with an occasional fundraiser make it possible to have a full social agenda, church services, public meetings etc. without charging an entrance fee. The Community Hall is really for everyone and we hope everyone will take part.

Due to the reopening of the Home Ranch Cafe on May 28, the last Friday pizza party on the social calendar is canceled. Instead, we hope everyone will attend the first pizza Friday at Home Ranch Store with Flan and Dan! That will be their opening night and they are excited to get started. I am excited to attend and I hope everyone on the North Fork is excited too! Of course, excited folks from Columbia Falls are welcome as well.

The Land Use Advisory Committee has sent the proposed text amendment to the County Planning Board as previously reported. Last week the LUAC added five more additions to the text amendment. These are the result of public outreach in the last few weeks.

Overall the purpose has been to clarify the current neighborhood plan and the definitions that drive the regulations. The text amendment subcommittee, the LUAC itself, and others have spent hundreds of hours in their attempt to get it right so that it best serves the community.

Now the formal public process begins. The proposed changes will go to the county planning board who will take public comments. Then to the county commissioners for final action. They will also accept public comment.

All of this is expected to last until September before a final decision is made. There is no excuse for not having your say in the process.

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