Friday, July 30, 2021

Weighs in on school board election

| May 3, 2021 6:05 AM

Please take five minutes to cast your vote for our local school board and properly mail in your ballot. A big thanks is owed to the Hungry Horse News for their recent article that profiled and interviewed each of the candidates.

It speaks to the importance of local journalism in providing a valuable resource to our community, and enabling us to make an informed decision.

Upon reading the article, it was evident that two of the candidates are completely unqualified and appear to be running

for dubious reasons. They both cite concerns over the school’s masking policy and gender issues as their primary reasons in running for a seat on the board. While these issues are worthy of conversation, a candidate citing them as their motivation cues one into the deeper political motives of these two hopefuls. In contrast, the other three candidates cite relevant reasons and experience for seeking a spot on the board. Call me crazy, but I believe experience in either education or budget management should be a pre-requisite for school board eligibility.

Please read the article that profiles the candidates and then cast your ballot. Let’s elect folks to the board that will keep

the focus on quality education and budgets and steer clear of the kneejerk political reactionists that wish to further divide our community on social issues.

Matt Bowser Columbia Falls