Friday, April 23, 2021

The Blotter: A juvenile’s glasses were broken after being punched in the face on the school bus

| March 24, 2021 8:50 AM

March 15

An aunt thought her niece was staying at a big party house. A driver ran through a stop sign, nearly hitting someone. A neighbor kept ripping by a resident’s house on a dirt bike. A woman reported an ongoing issue of a neighbor’s dog using her lawn to “do its duty.” A woman’s ex-boyfriend was harassing her.

March 16

A juvenile’s glasses were broken after being punched in the face on the school bus. Reports of trespassing on private property, most likely in an attempt to get to the river. Three drivers were cited for speeding. A juvenile was lethargic and clammy after being given a pill by an adult in a park. A couple of people making Tik Tok videos were advised to quiet down.

March 17

Passengers in a vehicle were reportedly seen waving their arms outside the car’s windows while holding guns, which may or may not have been fake.

A resident was requesting an officer sit at a stop sign and arrest what seemed to be frequent speeders in the area.

The driver of a van almost side-swiped another vehicle. Police had to remove an unauthorized traffic control device someone had set up in a roadway.

March 18

A man got confrontational after a woman and her neighbor took photos of him urinating near a public park.

Someone filed a noise complaint concerning their neighbors who were subsequently advised to keep their front door shut the next time they played loud music. Someone helped a child get away from an aggressive dog. Someone picking up trash on the side of the road found a bag containing needles in it.

A man began yelling at bank tellers in the drive through. Reports of domestic violence.

March 19

Reports of drug distribution occurring at a residence where several juveniles were also living. Someone stated they had information on a missing child.

March 20 Reports of several juveniles “causing problems” in a neighborhood, like cutting down trees, desecrating memorials and bullying other kids. A landlord was having issues with

a tenant. A cell phone found in a park was returned to its owner. A woman who knew where her son was said she had him listed as missing “just in case something happened.” Reports of someone trespassing on a resident’s property and going through their camper.

March 21

A man at a gas station was pacing back and forth while yelling and flipping people off. “Someone” in a neighborhood was allegedly feeding squirrels Cheese Whiz which the animals were then dropping in another person’s yard.