Friday, April 23, 2021

The Blotter: Rabbit traps missing

| March 17, 2021 6:50 AM

March 8

Someone’s unlocked vehicle was rummaged through in the middle of the night. A resident who had obtained traps from Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to capture burgeoning numbers of rabbits on their property reported that someone had stolen the traps. A citizen reported that a chicken was on the loose, and was concerned it might get hit by a vehicle.

March 9

A woman, home alone with two kids, was concerned after a man with pink hair started banging on the front door. Someone working construction pocket dialed 911. Reports of a young kid riding recklessly on a dirt bike.

March 10

No dispatch log.

March 11

Reports of someone having a panic attack. A resident was irritated with the driver of a Chevy that had started frequently “burning rubber” near the house. A man was concerned about his brother’s abrupt personality change. A resident’s neighbor was playing music too loudly. A woman was shoveling snow in her yard when her neighbors started throwing snowballs at her. Reports of reckless driving in a neighborhood.

March 12

A niece was concerned that neighbors said they had seen lights on in her uncle’s house when no one should have been living there. A battery jump pack and $200 were stolen from an unlocked vehicle. Juveniles were threatening to “jump” a woman’s grandson.

March 13

A camper was parked in the wrong spot. A driver who was unaware that his rear tire was flat finally ended up parking at an intersection to get towed. Someone turned in a found wallet. A woman’s ex-boyfriend refused to leave.

March 14

Someone with a flashlight appeared to be trespassing on a resident’s property at night. A drunk man was attempting to get back in his car. Reports of a dispute over a parenting plan. Reports of juveniles smoking and cursing. The driver of a van full of kids was suspected to have been drinking. A drunk woman refused a ride, saying she was almost home.