Friday, April 23, 2021

Yesterdays: Glacier Park building new headquarters

| March 3, 2021 7:50 AM

70 years ago March 2, 1951

Big Mountain would host the national downhill and slalom ski races. There were 80 contestants expected to compete. School District 6 teachers wanted a $500 across the board increase in annual pay. The minimum salary at the time

was $2,000 for grade school and $2,400 for high school.

60 years ago

March 2, 1961

The Glacier National Park budget included $1.135 million for construction projects. The largest single project was for a new headquarters building, expected to cost about $426,700. The old headquarters was a two-story log building.

Front page photo featured a farmer doing spring plowing in late February.

50 years ago March 5, 1971 A report by Glacier Park biologist Clifford Martinka noted that not a single visitor had been injured by either a black or grizzly bear in 1970.

The Park had changed several rules and regulations concerning garbage and feeding bears since two people were killed in 1967 by grizzlies that were food conditioned.

40 years ago March 5, 1981 An eastbound Amtrak train derailed about five miles from Marias Pass.

Eighteen people were treated for injuries at area hospitals. The front page photo featured dozens of other passengers with their luggage waiting on the tracks, with the train on its side.

30 years ago March 7, 1991 After most of the hostilities had ended in the Persian Gulf War, local families were breathing a sigh of relief. Now they were just waiting to hear back

from their sons and daughters who fought in the war.

20 years ago

March 1, 2001

Mitzy Pemberton, a well-known cook at the Columbia Bar was retiring. She was 62 and wellknown for her breakfast meals cooked out of the small kitchen at the bar.

10 years ago

March 2, 2011

They say that no man’s life or property is safe while the Montana State Legislature is in session and 2011 was no exception. State lawmaker Greg Hinkle proposed a bill that would make a spear a legal weapon.