Friday, June 25, 2021

The Blotter: A man punched someone at a gas station.

| June 9, 2021 6:20 AM

May 31

A fender bender occurred in a restaurant parking lot. Reports of a potentially verbally abusive grandmother to a six year old child. A man’s girlfriend had stolen his dog and was headed to Choteau. BNSF was working to fix crossing arms that were down without a train in sight. A resident requested extra patrol after a red truck stopped for a while in front of their open garage door.

June 1

Someone was bitten by a cat. Reports of two guns stolen from a residence.

Tenants were using a dumpster they weren’t supposed to. A car was suspiciously shining its lights into someone’s garage.

June 2

A handyman was paid upfront

but failed to do the repair. A woman applied for a job but it turned out to be a scam. Reports of apartment neighbors having a fight. A delivery driver kept parking in a business’s handicap parking space. A man was furious about a ticket left on his car.

June 3 A malfunctioning vehicle was blocking traffic. A dog was left in a hot car.

An iPhone was found in the middle of the road. A man loitering outside businesses was yelling about bombs and scaring people. A woman was threatening to smash her ex’s car windows.

June 4

Reports of teenagers recklessly driving. Complaints of multiple cars parked in an alley. Several juveniles were seen scrambling out of an announcer’s booth.

June 5

Someone’s granddaughter was attempting to run away. A phone was stolen but then returned. A pit bull was found. Two motorcycles were allegedly slowing traffic by brake-checking the vehicles behind them. Reports of a domestic dispute. Reports of an attempted suicide.

June 6

A man was arrested while driving someone else’s truck. A homeowner wanted to charge someone with criminal mischief. A man punched someone at a gas station.