Tuesday, August 03, 2021

The Blotter: Dog bites person, owner cited

| July 14, 2021 6:50 AM

June 29

Report of a business partner taking $6,000 from the till. It turned out to a be a civil, not criminal, matter. Report of slashed tires. Grass fire reported off Diane Road. It was put out before it could spread. Report of 12-tear-old punching her mom. Report of a man choking a woman.

June 30

German shepherd bit a person and the owner was cited. Person was bleeding badly. Speeders a continual problem on Martha Road. Report of vehicle with windows broken out on Nucleus.

July 1-July 8, no reports available

July 9

Report of a possible sexual assault on a minor. Tools stolen from a home. Might have been a family member taking them. Motorcycle wreck up North Fork. Victim didn’t need treatment.

July 10

Domestic disturbance — son slapping his father. A truck rear-ended a car on Highway 2. Grass fire started by fireworks on 7th Street. Car ran out of gas on Council Bluffs.

July 11

A person wanted information on a restraining order against ex. Report of drunk driver on Nucleus Avenue. A lot of swearing and yelling outside prompted a call to police. Dirt bike reported speeding on Eighth Street.