The Blotter: Sister Tries Tasing Sister

| January 13, 2021 1:00 AM

Jan. 4

Two sections of chain link fence near a school were knocked down. A new employee set off a business’s building alarm on accident. And aunt was afraid her nephew might assault her. Someone requested to view body cam footage.

Jan. 5

Reports of a possible theft at a business on Nucleus Avenue. A woman was allegedly making death threats. A man was seeing fraudulent charges on his credit card statement. Someone reported missing items from their vehicle after it had been towed. A 13-year-old male ran to a neighbor’s house to escape a mother who was throwing things at him. A sixth-grade girl was being cyber bullied. A juvenile was issued an MIP after drinking a Twisted Tea.

Jan. 6

Reports of a man loitering for weeks outside an apartment building he was not a tenant of. A ten-year-old girl, out in flip-flops and a T-shirt who seemed to be trying to warm her feet stated she was happy and OK. Reports of screaming heard at an apartment building.

Jan. 7

Two dogs were at large in a school playground, knocking kids down. Reports of teenagers in pickup trucks speeding by a residence near the high school every day. A minor fender-bender occurred in a parking lot. A reckless driver was swerving across lanes on Nucleus Avenue. Reports of child abuse.

Jan. 8

A woman’s sister tried tasing her, after threatening her with a firearm in the past. Someone believed a person was in their shed. Reports of a reckless driver almost hitting children as well as the crossing guard in front of a school.

Jan. 9

A 14-year-old girl thought she saw a homeless man recording her on a phone as she was showering. Reports of domestic violence.

Jan. 10

Reports of a hit and run. A homeowner near the river reported trespassers. Reports of a verbal altercation between a landlord and the tenant he was evicting. A renter wanted to talk about a notice placed on his house by the owner concerning recreational marijuana use.

A man making out with his girlfriend in his car by the river left after a “suspicious” vehicle slowly approached them, police were called after he could not shake the vehicle.