Lake Five sewage issues deserve greater discussion

| January 6, 2021 1:00 AM

I am retiring to Lake Five and have been undertaking the arduous process to update my septic and well systems.  In finding out how difficult and expensive it is,  I am understanding why so many on Lake Five have either no septic system at all or have antiquated systems.  I think as a community we should come together to help each other improve our water quality and environment. 

Lake Five is home to a 17 acre campground/RV resort that houses over 75 RV’s, cabins, tents, teepees and uses 50 plus year old antiquated systems as well as provides RV dump sites, all leaching into the lake.  Another family utilized a court order to break up a lakeshore property into five parcels for 18 families but has only one septic and the rest use lakeshore Porta Potties and have outhouses leaching into our lake. 

Let’s all be honest and look at our own impact on Lake Five and come together as a lake community to educate and support rather than attack.  I, for one, want clean water and a healthy thriving environment.  I am doing my part to upgrade my sanitation systems at huge effort and expense, but I’m doing this despite the misplaced attacks by a few vocal misled folks, because it is the right thing to do!  As a lake community, let’s pool our resources and help our neighbors who might not know about the effect they are having on our environment by showing them how to update, how to get grants to help and how they too can get rid of lakeshore outhouses and porta potties. 

Turning a blind eye to one neighbor that lives on the lake with no septic at all but attacking another neighbor that is doing everything she can to upgrade old systems is just plain misguided and wrong.  I love Lake Five and support anything we all can do to ensure future generations have good clean water. 

Susie Dietz of Whistle Stop Retreat

Lake Five