The Blotter: Lock Cut to Steal Snowblower

| January 6, 2021 1:00 AM

Dec. 28

Reports of a cat bite. The borrower of a vehicle wanted to clear up that said car had been lent to him before the lender decided to report it as stolen. A Suburban parked behind an office was in need of towing. A manager was being harassed by a former employee. A vehicle with California plates was parked in front of a man’s condo in a rebuff of the No Parking sign.

Dec. 29

Officers in pursuit asked highway patrol to meet them with road spikes. Reports of a pickup truck driving recklessly in a neighborhood; the driver was sliding around icy corners. An 8-year-old called 911 while playing with her mom’s phone. A deer was removed from the road. Reports of suicidal intent.

Dec. 30

Complaints of a neighbor blasting music from his car as it warms up every morning. A report that a neighbor’s back deck was on fire turned out to be a false alarm; they were simply having a fire in their fire pit. Someone cut a lock to steal a snowblower. A hysterical grandmother was trying to take her daughter’s 1-year-old son.

Dec. 31

Two pickup trucks collided on Highway 206 in front of the old fire hall, spinning one into the ditch. Reports of a German shepherd at large. An out-of-town resident got a call from a neighbor that multiple officers were at his property. Someone’s vehicle was stickered for interfering with snow plow maintenance. A car was parked in the middle of 7th street with its flashers on. Complaints of civilians blowing up mortars, possibly near the police station. A tip was given about a possible drug deal involving meth, cocaine and possibly prescription meds being delivered from Idaho. Reports of sexual assault. Reports of a verbal domestic dispute. Folks lighting fireworks off in a residential area were advised not to.

Jan. 1

A man let a woman living downstairs borrow his vehicle once, but began to suspect she had made a spare key and was now driving it at night for drug runs. Reports of suicidal intent. Someone was given a warning for speeding. Five vehicles were stickered for obstructing snow plows.

Jan. 2

Someone reported a neighbor walking around the neighborhood beating cars with some kind of object. A man called 911 to explain he had previously accidentally dialed 911. Reports of suicidal intentions. A man, possibly on drugs and exhibiting disorderly conduct, apologized and said he was going home.

Jan. 3

Reports of court-ordered parenting plans not being adhered to. Reports of a brother having a mental breakdown.