Friday, April 23, 2021

The Blotter:

| February 24, 2021 9:35 AM

Feb. 15

A tourist staying at an Airbnb accidentally dialed 911. Reports of a parental dispute over child custody. A vehicle was seen driving around with a gas pump hose hanging from the tank opening.

Feb. 16

Reports of fully loaded logging trucks recklessly speeding past an elementary school. A woman attempted to steal a Yeti cooler. A teenager was refusing to attend school. Two different vehicles slid off the road.

Feb. 17

A citizen was grateful for police presence at an elementary school. A toddler was seen climbing over seats, unsecured, in a moving vehicle. Reports of two people suspiciously sitting in a vehicle outside a business for 40 minutes. A vehicle was backed into in a parking lot. Someone pocket dialed 911. A woman’s phone was stolen in Whitefish and she tracked its location to Columbia Falls.

Feb. 18

A vehicle was seen sliding across the highway into the ditch. A man reported he was being scammed through a Microsoft “repair system.” A juvenile was cited with an MIP. A woman’s boots were stolen, but she got them back. The driver of a Toyota Tundra needed a tow out of a ditch. Three vehicles were stickered for parking in a way that obstructed city snowplows.

Feb. 19

Someone rifled through an unlocked vehicle’s glove compartment. The driver of a Subaru got stuck in the snow. A driver ordering a drink at a drive-through wanted the employee to pour whiskey in it. Drug paraphernalia was found on a bus. A Suburban broke down in the middle of traffic. A dispute between juveniles led to a broken window. A woman’s ex-boyfriend was stalking her. A drunk man was being disorderly. Reports of drinking and driving.

Feb. 20

Two drivers were ticketed for speeding. A person reported neighbors who were pulling sleds behind a truck. A couple tried removing a pitbull from a residence, with both parties claiming ownership of the animal. A daughter took her mother’s vehicle while the mother was sleeping in order to go see her boyfriend.

Feb. 21

A known violent offender was making threats to the police online. Reports of a dumpster fire. Two drivers were ticketed for speeding. A driver was cited for cellphone use.