Friday, March 05, 2021

The Blotter: Stolen property found in pawn shop

| February 17, 2021 7:00 AM

Feb. 8

The person a woman jointly filed taxes with last year was reportedly now withholding her stimulus check. Reports of a fender bender. Someone’s residential burglary alarm was falsely triggered. Two small dogs looked to be left out in the cold for hours. A resident heard what he claimed was the distinct sound of a shotgun being shot, within city limits. Reports of a man committing suicide.

Feb. 9

A driver was cited for cell phone use. A man found some of his stolen property in a pawn shop. Reports of a neighbor’s music being played so loud it shook a resident’s walls. A business’s security alarm wasn’t accepting the code to disarm it.

Feb. 10

A juvenile caught with tobacco was cited with an MIP. A woman lost her wallet. A resident was concerned about a dog being left unattended in a vehicle in the extreme cold. Reports of a domestic dispute. The driver of an older white Subaru was spinning brodies on the ice and came close to hitting other vehicles. A woman who appeared to have been drinking was pounding on the door of a man’s trailer. An unoccupied vehicle had its brake lights stuck on.

Feb. 11

A driver pulling through a coffee hut was seen to have open containers of alcohol in the vehicle. Two drivers were ticketed for speeding. An employee was being stalked at work, with harassers repeatedly driving by the business doing burnouts in an attempt to intimidate. A woman barred her door following violent voicemails from her ex.

Feb. 12

Reports of a possible sexual assault. Residents in a duplex heard neighbors, a man and woman, yelling threats at each other. A business’s burglary alarm was tripped. An intoxicated woman with intentions to self harm threatened to lock herself out of her house in order to freeze to death.

Feb. 13

A resident was reporting frozen pipes. Residents of an alleged “drug house” were harassing a neighbor by filming her and yelling at her.

Feb. 14

Someone’s identity had been stolen. A man’s guns were stolen. Someone walking through a neighborhood heard an alarm going off in a house. A vehicle dragging a hydraulic line was throwing sparks everywhere.