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The Blotter: Kids throwing snowballs at house

| December 29, 2021 7:00 AM

Dec 13

Report of disorderly conduct on Frontage Rd, male was known criminal and seen throwing objects at reporting party’s house. Report of a suicide threat of a male who is accused of lying about sleeping with a pregnant 14 year old female; family of girl asking he be taken to jail.

Dec 14

Report of disorderly conduct of a woman on 9th St, unable to drive, was harassing a store manager. Report of a snowmobile driving on Diane Rd, possible damage to road.

Dec 15

Police responded to a report of disorderly conduct from a 12-year-old girl who locked herself in the bathroom and caused public disturbances, and was seen throwing plants off the balcony.

Dec 16

Report of a truck with a snowmobile trailer blocking traffic on 13th St. Police responded to a call of suspected burglary on Tamarack Ln, no signs of human activity leading to the garage, but the garage door was open and damaged, wind was the likely culprit.

Dec 17

Report of a runaway female minor, who had a history of fighting with parents. Report of intoxicated male being dropped off at a bar on 9th St, unable to drive, not responding. Report of a hit and run on 12th Ave involving two vehicles.

Dec 18

Report of a road raged driver after being cut off on Highway 2 — confrontation subsided after police arrived. Report of thousands of dollars of stolen checks found on 12th Ave. Vehicle collision reported on 9th St, a car was T-boned into a coffee stand, resulting in several injuries.

Dec 19

A female reported three kids were doorbell-ditching and throwing snowballs at her front door. Report of a snowplow getting stuck on 9th St, police were able to free the truck. Report of a male attempting to gain entry into a home on 6th St, man was a known criminal. Report of disorderly conduct on Scenic Dr, suspect could not drive due to alcohol consumption, was taken to hospital.

Dec. 20

A man on Ninth Street wanted a boat towed. Another person wanted a horse trailer towed. A caller called in a wreck and said he would block traffic until help arrived. He was advised not to do that, as it could cause an even bigger wreck. Report of snow-covered rig in middle of Nucleus Avenue.

Dec. 21

A man said he misplaced his money order to pay the rent. Lots of parking violations on Martha and Diane Roads.

Dec. 22

A man called to say when his ex picked up one of his kids, she may have taken one of his guns, too. Drunk woman found passed out in vehicle.

Dec. 23

A man was upset a newspaper carrier was using his driveway to turn around. A man found his stolen gun put under a piece of plywood near his house and suspected an ex did the deed. A woman said she let a hacker access her computer, now she wanted to file a complaint. Police did a welfare check on a possible suicidal male.

Dec. 24

A woman said drug deals may be going down at residence. A daughter allegedly stole a car from her father.

Dec. 25

A female was throwing things after a break-up. Report of kids throwing snowballs at a house and passing cars.

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