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Welcome rains, an election and thoughts on dust

by By Larry Wilson
| August 18, 2021 1:30 PM

Nearly an inch of rain and several days of much cooler weather. Even a clear view of Glacier’s peaks and a skiff of snow on the top of Kintla Peak. The combination has not caused the Hay Creek fire to be called controlled but it is certainly boxed in and much less of a threat than a week ago. The Type 2 team is transitioning out and will be replaced by a local Type 3 team. Some heavy equipment is being released but a close eye will be kept on hot spots.

I am more worried about hang fires from the lightning that came with the rain. For sure, the 2021 fire season is not over.

Although there are still lingering concerns over Covid 19 the Landowners’ Association held their annual election meeting at Sondreson Hall. President Bill Walker could not run again due to term limits and will move to the Past President post replacing Larry Wilson. Newly elected President is Richard Hildner who is a former Director. Also, Vice President Steve Kelly chose not to run again and was replaced by first time officer Kevin Halsey. All other officers were re-elected. Treasurer Chris Heitz and secretary Karina Petty were re-elected for one year terms and South Director Ulrichsen and North Director Irv Heitz were re-elected to two year terms. Randy Kenyon, Land Use Advisory Committee Chair announced that they were still revamping the Land Use text amendment and hopefully will have it ready to present to the County Planning Board this fall.

In my opinion, the most important action of the week was a proposal by Flathead County Commissioner, Brad Abell, who attended the community fire meeting. He proposed that the Forest Service (or the Park or Border Patrol) take advantage of the County’s dust abatement program on the North Fork Road from Canyon Creek to Camas junction.

When the Forest Service grades and puts dust abatement on the road during a fire it costs much more than the County program in June. In fact, about four times as much.

By taking part in the County program the entire road would be better from June until late fall. The Forest would save money and not deplete fire funds.

Abell has sent letters to the congressional delegation and now asks for community support. Maybe it is time to get the NFLA to take a stand for the community.

What do you think?

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